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emka TECHNOLOGIES provides complete solutions for
toxicology & safety pharmacology laboratories.
Not only are we committed to delivering products that meet our customers' requirements, we also provide you with the best possible service and support.

Technical support & maintenance

Our technical support team makes every effort to provide accurate, qualified responses to your inquiries related to hardware, software, protocol, data analysis or troubleshooting, as rapidly as possible.

Support and software upgrades are at no charge on the first year and included in the annual maintenance contracts after the first year.

Indeed, all emka TECHNOLOGIES products carry a one year limited warranty (parts and labor, except transducers, which are covered for 6 months only) from the date of delivery.

This warranty does not cover repairs needed because of accidental or incidental damage or failure to operate according to instructions.

Learn more about implanted telemetry warranty.

Instruments manufactured by third parties are warranted by their respective manufacturers.

Maintenance agreements ensure that your hardware performs optimally, and that your laboratory regularly receives the most up-to-date versions of our innovative software. This agreement includes:

  • Phone, video conference and E-Mail assistance to users
  • One or more annual visits, conducted at the Client site for Routine Preventive Maintenance.
  • Software updates
  • In the event of an equipment failure and/or malfunction, which cannot be quickly resolved by phone and/or email, on-site support to the Client.

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Installation & training

After receiving your equipment, a qualified representative will likely visit you for on-site installation and training. We will train you on our products, to allow you to make the best use of your time. We can train your staff in the use of our hardware and software either on-site, at our office in Paris or via videoconference.

Surgery skills are requested for all our implanted products and for in vitro studies on isolated organs.

emka TECHNOLOGIES provides surgical videos to guide you in specific surgery implementation (rodentPACK, isolated heart).

For our isolated heart system and implanted telemetry products, customized trainings are proposed:

Isolated heart:

Our partner comes in your facility to provide a flexible training on Langendorff (∼ 2 days) and Working Heart (3 to 5 days) technics. A detailed program, with theoretical learning and hand-on practice, is elaborated to fit your needs and experience, after a first contact evaluation. Contact us to receive more information.

Implanted telemetry products:

Training covers various cardiovascular technics, on desired animal models. With a strong surgical background in preclinical disease models and veterinary expertise, our partners come in your facility to provide a flexible surgical training, adapted to your needs.

You will learn to perform and refine cardiovascular instrumentation in large and small animals, with high standards of animal welfare. Live demonstrations followed by hand-on practice will allow you to gain experience in order to obtain well instrumented subjects (ECG, LVP, LV pressure-volume loops).

Don’t want to perform surgery by yourself? We can do it for you, through our surgery service!

Regulatory compliance & validation service

We know that introducing a new software application into an organization working in a regulated environment involves many complex business processes and can be tedious and time-consuming.

Our dedicated validation specialists can provide full service, or à la carte validation of our systems.

We can help you lower validation costs using methods such as risk analysis, gap analysis and impact assessment in relation to the relevant GLP guidelines.

As the system provider, we are knowledgeable on how the systems operate, thus, we can provide effective validation assistance through our validation support service packages

  • Support to customer and/or third-party package
  • Sample plan and test script models package
  • Tailored models package
  • Full validation process package

Data analysis

Thanks to advancements in preclinical research software, investigators are now challenged with analyzing ever increasing data sets.

To effectively manage resources and help alleviate this workload, emka TECHNOLOGIES offers data analysis & reporting services:

  • Analysis of S7a and S7b study data
  • Specialized model data analysis & interpretation
  • Arrhythmia detection and identification
  • Study summaries
  • Custom reporting

We accept data from emka TECHNOLOGIES and many other data acquisition platforms.
Please enquire as to which platforms we can read, or for a further description of our capabilities.

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