Society for Neuroscience’s Annual Meeting

November 3-7, 2018
San Diego, CA, USA
Booth #2131

Join us at the SFN meeting in San Diego and learn more about our solutions for neurological studies:

  •  easyTEL implanted telemetry which is now magnet-free and can be combined with non-invasive telemetry to monitor of ECG, EEG, blood pressure, breathing rate, temperature and acceleration from 3-axis accelerometer (activity).
  • rodentPACK, head mounted system to explore the nervous system without cables between neural sensors and the computer. Subjects are freely moving and emitting a noise-free EEG signal, for easy analysis of many neurological disorders.
  •  ecgAUTO software for EEG analysis: Epilepsy and Sleep scoring analysis
Epilepsy seizure detection
Epilepsy seizure detection

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