Society for Laboratory Animal Science

September 12 – 14, 2018

Join us at the 56th Annual Meeting of the Society for Animal Laboratory Science (GV-SOLAS).
This year, animal welfare will be the main topic of the meeting.

We will be presenting our solutions to acquire physiological parameters, under the best possible conditions.

Telemetry technology allows data acquisition from multiple animals, freely moving within the same pen or cage. With a remote control and configuration, combined with video monitoring, stress is minimized and animal welfare is enhanced, for a better data quality.

Our easyTEL+ implants, for rats and large animals, will be shown at the booth. They offer new features to enhance animal welfare:

  • No more antennas inside cages: digital implants eliminate the need for plates under rodent cages or inside large animal cages. Each implant can be managed remotely regardless of caging type which can be either group or individual caging.
  • Magnet-free implants! There is no need to approach the subjects with a magnet to turn the implants on or off. It is all done remotely.

Non-invasive solutions are also available. Animals can be used as their own controls over a long period of time, reducing data variance and the number of animals needed per treatment group.

Visit the event website.

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