Tissue baths systems

The measurement of isolated tissue contractility following drug administration is widely used in preclinical research.

Our tissue baths systems are suitable for the study of tissue strips, muscles and vessels, such as aortic rings, trachea, papillary muscle, uterine tissue, ileum or mesenteric artery, during drug exposure and/or electrical stimulation.

Our product line includes:

  • emkaBATH2, a system, driven manually and equipped with 1 or 2 baths
  • emkaBATH4, a modular tissue bath and myograph setup, fully automated 

Up to four emkaBATH setups can be monitored from a single interface equipped with iox2 software.


Integrated & compact


Easy to operate


Which tissues can be studied?

In vitro contractility assay can be conduct on various types of tissue or microvessels. emkaBATH tissue baths setups are suitable for the study of tissue strips or muscles up to 40 mm long and vessels (int. diameter 500µm – 10 mm, max. length:40 mm).

Which emkaBATH model to choose?

emkaBATH2 is ideal for students:

  • Compact
  • Easy to install, to use and store

emkaBATH4 answers your more complex requirements, with:

  • Up to 16 baths automatically managed by a single acquisition computer
  • The ability to switch from tubular to microvessel baths in a few minutes (can handle microvessels of diameter 100µm to 3 mm and up to 3.5 mm long).

Both models offer:

  • Easy bath mounting and removal for cleaning
  • External connections and peripheral devices reduced to a minimum
  • Digital display of transducers reading
  • Very sensitive isometric transducers
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • In-line electric heating (faster than air-heated systems, it dispenses from keeping physiological liquid warm long hours before using)
  • Bath overflow, to remove any risk of dry-out, as tissue is never exposed to air

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Data acquisition & analysis

Along with iox2 software, emkaBATH provides:

  • Beat to beat calculation on fast beating tissues (papillary/atrial muscles)
  • Detailed calculation on slow contracting tissue (uterus, ileum)
  • A normalization module for microvessels
  • Protocols for maximum automation on up to 16 baths
    (bath operations, tissue tensioning & stimulator control with emkaBATH4) 

Calculated parameters generated by iox2 software can be automatically processed by datanalyst software, to provide statistics such as data group averaging, ED50…, presented in concise tabular format.


But also gastrointestinal dysfunctions, hypertension, drug-induced cardiac toxicity, etc.





Data analysis

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