studyDESIGNER, to plan & organize studies

studyDESIGNER is a complete solution to manage data acquisition and analysis in safety pharmacology or toxicology studies.

During recording sessions studyDESIGNER automatically drives iox2 and ecgAUTO software to record and analyze data and send calculated parameters to its data base.

It makes GLP easy with minimal user interaction, built-in audit-trail, electronic signature and data integrity and accountability.


Make your studies easier and safer

GLP compliant


studyDESIGNER is especially well suited for large toxicology or safety pharmacology studies.

It can handle recordings from a few minutes to a few days long to organize and automate data recording, analysis, control and archiving.

Running with single or multiple user systems, studyDESIGNER:

  • Defines the study: sessions, phase, subjects details, pre-test and treatment groups, experimental protocol, data collection and analysis settings
  • Guides users through data collection: acquires data on subjects planned for current sessions
  • Organizes data analysis: automatically on all recordings or according to subject or phase, reviews subject or global results
  • Archives results: using customized database queries, through secured link to your LIMS or as customized reports





Data analysis

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