Solid state and fluid-filled pressure catheters

emka TECHNOLOGIES offers blood pressure catheters for use with rodents (mice and rats) and large animals (from rabbits to cows):

  • emka Blood Pressure Transducer is a fluid filled catheter, adapted to the size of the artery, ideal for blood pressure measurements in the range of -50 to + 300 mmHg.
  • Transonic Scisense Catheters offer solid-state sensors mounted at the tip, to measure pressures with a high degree of precision. They are ideal for arterial, venous or cardiac pressures due to the solid-state sensor’s ability to accurately respond to minute and rapid changes in pressure.


Solid state pressure catheters 
  • Sizes : 1.2F to 7.0F
  • Single or dual pressure sensors
  • Polyimide tubing provides ideal balance of flexibility and rigidity
  • Pressure membrane recessed for protection
  • High frequency response maintains signal integrity and prevents damping or attenuation
  • No motion artifact or overshoot as with conventional fluid-filled catheters
  • Pressure resolution of 10uV/mmHg which is higher than the industry standard
  • All 7.0F Catheters are available with an optional lumen to allow drug administration, blood sampling or guide wire insertion.
  • Compatible with SP200 Pressure Control Unit, which integrates to emka TECHNOLOGIES data acquisition system (no additional amplification required – can be plugged on usbACQ or easyMATRIX3), thus providing:
  • 2 pressure channels
  • 2 point electronic calibration with balance controls for each pressure channel
  • Stable zero baseline with low or negligible offset
  • Pressure output resolution of 22mV/mmHg
  • Tactile-button operation and system menus increase ease of use

Catheter size is based on animal weight and application. Small vessel applications may require a smaller size than the listed suggestion.

Fluid-filled Blood Pressure Transducer (BPT)
  • Fluid-filled catheter
  • Precision calibrated and temperature-compensated
  • Operating pressure range: -50 to 300 mmHg
  • Robust and inexpensive
  • In-line design allows easy removal of air bubbles
  • Compatible with emka data acquisition system (can be plugged on usbACQ or easyMATRIX3)





Data analysis

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