Implants for mice

easyTEL implantable telemetry system transmits physiological data from conscious freely moving small subjects weighing 20 g or more, single-housed in a cage.

Physiological measurements are captured by a transmitter surgically implanted and wirelessly transmitted to a receiver, placed under the cage.

The easyTEL-S size implants are ideal for mice and offer the ability to continuously record for 3 months:

  • Biopotential (ECG, EEG, EMG)
  • Respiratory rate*
  • Temperature
  • Activity from acceleration

*Derived from diaphragmatic EMG


Reliable data

Ease of use

Synchronizes with other signals


Why choose telemetry technology?

Wireless technology is ideal to reliably transfer high volumes of data from a freely moving animal. Advantages associated with this technique are well known: longer and better-quality data obtained from less stressed subjects, allowing compliance with 3Rs principles. Furthermore, in vivo studies from conscious, unanesthetized instrumented animals are recommended by the FDA for ICH S7A studies.

Wireless implanted telemetry provides the unique ability to look into long-term physiological trends, as well as rare or isolated physiological events (arrhythmias, seizures, etc.).

When simplicity meets reliability

Choosing easyTEL system means opting for a reliable system, coupled with a highly flexible infrastructure:

  • Perform studies with up to 64 single-housed mice per system
  • Manage the implants remotely via smartTOOL
  • Collect and combine synchronized signals from implants and any other source (analog signal, biopotential electrodes, strain gauge transducers) with easyMATRIX3. Learn more
    This is particularly useful for cardio or neurorespiratory applications
  • Our single-use (non-refurbished) implants means no reconditioning, no decontamination, no shipping costs and delays. Implants can be re-implanted as long as battery lasts





easyTEL also offer M size implants, designed for medium subjects weighing 100g or more.

Software acquisition & analysis

easyTEL system runs with IOX2 software for signal acquisition and real time analysis. In-depth ECG and EEG analysis is performed by ecgAUTO software.





Data analysis

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