emkaPACK4G for large animals

emkaPACK4G is a non-invasive telemetry system for the acquisition of ECG*, respiratory endpoints, blood pressure, temperature, and postural activity from freely moving, single or group housed large animals such as dogs, primates, sheep, minipigs and more (horses, cows etc.).

Allowing the simultaneous evaluation of cardiovascular and pulmonary measurements without confounding effects of surgery or anesthesia, it is widely used in drug development, safety pharmacology and toxicology studies and to investigate cardiovascular, respiratory and neurodegenerative diseases.

It is also used for veterinary clinical monitoring, to wirelessly monitor ECG and other parameters during the animal recovery in its natural environment (i.e. barns, stalls, paddocks).

*Electrocardiogram (ECG)





Easy to use


Simple design



The emkaPACK4G external transmitter acquires up to 9-lead ECG, respiratory endpoints (1 or 2 RIP* belts), blood pressure**, skin temperature, and postural activity data. Each endpoint is an optional add-on to minimize costs.

When combined with easyTEL+ implants, it can acquire invasive endpoints, such as EEG, EMG, ECG, pressure (arterial and ventricular), and core body temperature.

*Respiratory inductance plethysmography
**Blood pressure can be acquired non-invasively (using a cuff) or invasively (vascular access port or easyTEL+ implant).

Easy to use

Equip a subject in minutes using our custom-designed clothing for canine, primate, swine, sheep models and more.

By eliminating surgery and anesthesia, confounding effects such as increased stress and mortality are avoided, allowing compliance with the 3R’s principles (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) and the ICH S7A guidelines.

Simple design

emkaPACK4G benefits of a very simple design:

  • 1 receiver can communicate with up to 16 transmitters within a 10m radius.
  • A single ethernet cable connects receiver(s) to the acquisition PC and powers the receiver(s).
  • Transmitters run on AA batteries, allowing 48-72 hours of continuous transmission.
  • Signals are easily calibrated (including respiration belts)
  • Optional studyDESIGNER software module allows for upfront experimental design, workflow management, and data organization.

Technique & measurements

Physiological measurements are captured non-invasively through various sensors plugged to the transmitter, and wirelessly transmitted by Bluetooth to a receiver. Bluetooth data transmission prevents any data cross-talk, allowing each subject to freely to move, single or group-housed in its room, during the acquisition.

Physiological signals need to be digitized, and sometimes also amplified, before being acquired by IOX2 software. emkaPACK4G transmitter handle this signal processing, thus when received by the receiver, signal can be directly sent to the acquisition computer, via Ethernet.

Wireless technology is ideal to reliably transfer high volumes of data from a freely moving animal. Advantages associated with this technique are well known: Longer and better-quality data obtained from less stressed subjects.

Technical specifications

  • Transmission range: 10 meters
  • Number or transmitters per receiver: 16 max
  • Number of subjects per room: max. 36 with one acquisiton system
  • 48 to 72 hours of continuous transmission on same batteries.

System configuration & extensions

An external transmitter is worn into a jacket and provides physiological signals from each animal.

Various sensors are plugged to the transmitter:

  • External electrodes to record up to 9-lead ECG
  • 1 or 2 belts to record lung volume by Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography (RIP)
  • An inflatable cuff placed on limb or tail for non-invasive blood pressure
  • A thermistor to measure skin temperature

3 axis activity and total acceleration is calculated by an accelerometer embedded into the transmitter.

An implant manager can be connected to the emkaPACK4G transmitter, to acquire invasive endpoints, such as EEG, EMG, ECG, pressure (arterial and ventricular), and core body temperature with easyTEL+ implants, on the same platform.

emkaPACK4G can also be used for ECG snapshot measurements, without jacket, which is especially useful for short term cardiotoxicity studies.

Data acquisition & analysis

emkaPACK4G takes full advantage of emka TECHNOLOGIES software suite with:





Data analysis

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