Electrical stimulator

The asynchronous stimulator is designed for experiments on isolated organs, tissues or microvessels.

With advanced electrical stimulation features, it generates a constant current or a constant voltage on each of up to 4 channels independently.

The stimulator can be operated manually or from iox2 acquisition software.



Compact & versatile


Constant current or voltage regulation


Biphasic mode, dual pulse, train…


  • 1 to 4 fully independent electrical stimulation signals
  • A wide range of stimulation profiles for your electrophysiological experiments
  • A wide range of electrodes for stimulation.
  • Automatically reacts to impedance fluctuation between the stimulation electrodes, by adapting current (in constant voltage mode) or voltage (in constant current mode), and maintain it at the required value.

Several stimulation parameters can be adjusted, making it possible to create a large variety of stimulation protocols:

  • Main frequency
  • Pulse amplitude, width and polarity
  • Type of stimulation
  • Duration of the train or pulse number in the train

The stimulator can be operated manually or remotely from iox2 acquisition software. In the latter case, all settings can be made and saved in iox2 configuration files. A wide range of stimulation protocols can be created and automatically executed.





Data analysis

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