datanalyst, data reduction software

datanalyst software processes calculated and statistical parameters from files generated by iox2.

Data is loaded from an unlimited number of experiments and pooled together for batch analysis.

Fast and versatile data extraction is performed through automated protocols and presented in concise tabular format.

GLP modules can be added to provide full GLP compliance.


Reduces your post processing time

Customizes your reports

GLP compliant


To process calculated and statistical parameters, datanalyst software performs data extraction through automated protocols. A protocol consists of a sequence of data extraction tasks, such as:

  • Minimum, maximum, time of minimum /maximum
  • Maximum derivative, average, area under the curve

Each instruction task is applied to a full treatment period, or at defined subintervals.

For example: within the “control” period, extract the average value between minutes 3 and 4 after period start; or, produce a report of average values computed every 5 minutes from a 2 minute “wide” interval.

Get the significant information you need from the extracted data
  • Define reference values and express any subsequent result as a % of reference
  • EC50 regression mode, linear or nonlinear
  • Find Min, Max, average, area, kinetics and more
  • Perform simple statistics

Customize your data reporting and export
  • Produce concise experiment reports using customized export templates
  • Print reports directly from datanalyst
  • Export reports as text files





Data analysis

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