Telemetry data loggers

emka TECHNOLOGIES distributes Star-Oddi small data logger, also called DST (data storage tags) that offer continuous measurements throughout the research period and store the data in their internal memory.

The Star-Oddi product family includes telemetry loggers, allowing real time access to the recordings of:

  • Core temperature
  • Heart rate

The same logger can be reused as long as the battery lasts.



Allows group housing


Reliable and accurate measurements


Simple and cost effective


Star-Oddi telemetry system consists of five components:

  • Logger: telemetry logger. It transmits data in real time and logs at the same time.
  • RF box: transreceiver module, placed on each cage. It receives data from the logger and transmit it to PAN.
  • Antenna: placed on each cage. They can be up to 10 subjects in each cage.
  • Communication box: Serves as an interface between the logger and the PC, to programm the loggers.
  • Personal Area Network (PAN) controller: receives the data from up to 64 RF boxes. It sends data to the computer, running the Gna software.
  • Mercury software: For programming the logger.

The logger can be programmed to record temperature as often as once per minute, to different intervals (7 different intervals can be selected, giving greater flexibility).

The lifespan of the telemetry logger depends on the loggin intervals and data transmission intervals.

Up to 10 subjects can be housed in the same cage.





Data analysis