Our response to the COVID-19 situation

Dear visitor,

We imagine the challenges you are presently facing due to COVID-19 outbreak, with disruption of your personal and professional lives, including the possible difficulty of working from home.


Hoping it can help you and be our modest contribution to everybody’s current efforts: 

. We offer our IOX and ecgAUTO customers a three-month extra license at no charge, for example to help you working from home or speed-up your current studies.To obtain the license, simply contact us.

If you need a complementary training, we organize on-demand software training: Learn more here

. We stand ready to adapt our sales and delivery processes to special situations and users, for example through hardware and/or software rental or loan. We are also available to provide you with distant help in processing your data.

. We are working with our suppliers to secure our production and limit the risk of stock-outs and delivery delays.

. Our production and logistic teams are maintaining safe distances and clean workspaces to be able to continue to deliver orders made during the current pandemic.

We wish you and your loved one’s the best of health and success in your research.


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