NIH Countermeasures Against Chemical Threats Network Research Symposium

June 15-17, 2016
Davis, CA, USA
Event website:

This event is dedicated to the discovery and identification of therapeutic countermeasures against agents such as chlorine, sarin gas, organophosphates, and other chemical threats. Join us to discuss your research projects, and come see the latest innovations with our physiology research instruments.

Five good reasons, supported by recent scientific articles, to visit us at CounterACT this year:

  1. Monitor onset fever, body temperature, blood pressure and other outcomes wirelessly using our new easyTEL implanted telemetry biodefense solutions.
  2. Measure detailed lung function and airway hyper-responsiveness in vivo using the flexiVent. Quantify disease progression and evaluate novel treatments against airborne threats such as sarin, chlorine, sulfur mustard gas, and other chemical agents. See recent publication by Wigenstam et al.
  3. Develop precise aerosol exposure models through the use of accumulated volumes (AV) analyzers for large animals (Plethysmography, RIP) and inhalation exposure solutions for small rodents (inExpose). Here is a recent example by Humberd Smith et al. using an influenza ferret model.
  4. Monitor cardiovascular outcomes (Heart rate variability, QT prolongation, etc.) to ascertain cardiotoxic effects following exposures to Sarin and other toxins, as recently shown by Saxena et al.
  5. Evaluate seizure liability and EEG following exposures to toxins or therapeutic interventions, as recently published by Esneault et al.

Our solutions cover a wide range of pulmonary, cardio, and neuro research applications, from the comprehensive study of vesicant induce lung injury or cardio toxicity to the development and validation of novel therapeutics approaches. We will be happy to demonstrate these and other pre-clinical solutions at the booth.

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