Japanese Respiratory Society

April 21- 23, 2017
Tokyo – JAPAN
Booth #48

Join us at the 57th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Respiratory Society (JRS) in Tokyo.

We will be happy to discuss new lung volume measurement capabilities for the flexiVent, and how translational lung volume measurements (TLC, FRC, RV) add new insights for research in COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, acute lung injury, sepsis, aging, and other areas of lung research.

The flexiVent is recognized as the gold-standard for the measurements of lung function in laboratory animals. Using the forced oscillation technique (FOT), it permits a detailed study of the lungs via:

  • Airway hyper-responsiveness studies (AHR)
  • Respiratory mechanics (lung resistance, lung compliance, central vs. peripheral airway effects)
  • Spirometry/FEV
  • Lung volumes *new*

To learn more: Evaluation of Respiratory System Mechanics in Mice using the Forced Oscillation Technique

If you do not plan to attend JRS, but are interested in more information about our products, please contact our office in Kobe.


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