Isolated organs & tissues contractility studies

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emka TECHNOLOGIES has been providing integrated systems for ex vivo preclinical physiology, safety pharmacology and toxicology research, for over 25 years.

Our solutions provide heated, oxygenated and nutrient-rich perfusate to tissues or organs to ensure their survival, while allowing the investigation of vascular and organ function following drug challenges and/or electrical stimulation.

Modular range of solutions

  • Suited to various types of contractile tissues or isolated organs, from different species
  • Switch from tubular to microvessel baths, from Langendorff to Working Heart

View all the products for isolated tissues and organs studies.

Highly reproducible

  • External influences removed
  • No confounding effects from other organs, or neurogenic and hormonal influences

Ease of use

  • Easy to install, use and store
  • For routine use by lab technicians or students
  • Real-time analysis, automated protocols

Focus on new products

emkaMYO2 myograph  

  • Driven manually
  • Equipped with 1 or 2 myograph modules
  • Measures microvessels contractility following drug administration. Learn more.


Liver / kidney / Mesenteric beds perfusion:

  • Especially designed for mice and rats liver, kidney or mesenteric beds perfusion. Learn more.


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