ERS International

September 28- October 02, 2019
Madrid, SPAIN Booth # V13

The annual European Respiratory Society congress (ERS) will be held in Madrid, bringing together world-class researchers to discuss the latest discoveries in pulmonary research.

Mouse models are of invaluable importance in respiratory research, to understand key disease pathways and for potential assessment of therapeutics for “bench-to-bedside” successes.

The translatability of the data collected requires continuous refinement of the models employed, as well as a holistic approach combining various techniques to provide a comprehensive assessment of the model phenotype.

Asthma and lung inflammation models: from mouse to Man

Join us at booth V13 to discuss pulmonary research applications and highlight our latest developments including:

  • The vivoFlow – WBP (Whole Body Plethysmography) chamber with patented concentric pneumotach design for industry-leading noise cancellation and amber tinted chambers for easily acclimation.
  • Our updated integrated Cigarette Smoking Robot, which is now field-serviceable with more automation and computer-control.

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