EEG analysis module

EEG signal acquired in IOX2 software and can be analyzed with our EEG analysis module. It allows scientist to easily:

Epilepsy module in ecgAUTO software
Epilepsy seizure
Sleep scoring
Sleep scoring

Integrated video facilitates behavioral observations without the confounding effects of investigator interaction.

Our secured video data is synchronized with the physiological signal data, allowing the scientist to click on a change in a parameter and observe the associated behavior.

The system features adjustable image resolution, and infrared recording for nighttime observations.

What’s new in EEG analysis module latest version?

In our latest version, the EEG Seizure analysis mode has been redesigned and improved:

  • Seizure summary panel with multiple display modes.
  • Ability to define up to 30 user-settable “hot keys” to add, modify, merge, remove seizures.
  • Direct export of tables into the clipboard from which it directly pastes into excel cells.
  • Ability to display up to 6 FFT spectrums and “freeze” some corresponding to particular time points of the current data file.
FTT spectrum panel
FTT spectrum panel
Seizure panel
Seizure panel

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