EB 2018

April 21-25, 2018
San Diego,  California – USA
Booth #1622

Join the 14 000 scientists that will participate to EB annual meeting and visit our booth to learn more about our wide range of preclinical instruments for physiology and pharmacology studies:

  • Monitoring physiological data from conscious freely moving large animals using easyTEL+ implantable telemetry systems. Different models are available to meet your study needs, providing monitoring of ECG, EEG, blood pressure, breathing rate, temperature and acceleration from 3-axis accelerometer (activity).
  • Non-invasive options for collecting ECG, blood pressure, breathing rate, temperature, and activity.
  • How to reliably develop in vivo disease models that mimic complex pathophysiological mechanisms of using the inExpose, an automated platform for inhalation exposure.
  • Quantifying the effects of COPD, pulmonary hypertension and decreased vascularization using clinically translational outcomes including pressure-volume manoeuvers and forced expired volumes provided by the flexiVent.
  • How Whole Body Plethysmography can be an easy tool for screening subjects quickly for preliminary respiratory data with the option of delivering inhaled therapeutics .


Visit the event website.

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