emka TECHNOLOGIES, now joined with SCIREQ, has been providing integrated systems for preclinical physiology, pharmacology & toxicology research for over 25 years. Our hardware and software are used daily, validated by major pharma companies and CROs and cited in over 2,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

emka TECHNOLOGIES offers systems for cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological studies, to meet S7A and S7B requirements and 3 R’s guiding principles:

  • REPLACEMENT: Where in vitro models can be used in place of whole animals, our wide variety of systems allows the study of isolated tissues and organs contractility, to enhance replacement.
  • REDUCTION: Our systems are designed to offer a wide range of physiological parameters, to get maximum information from each animal. Any required adjustments can be made during real-time analysis, so experiments are not wasted. With our non-invasive solutions, animals can be used as their own controls over a long period of time, reducing data variance and the number of animals needed per treatment group.
  • REFINEMENT: Telemetry technology to acquire physiological parameter minimizes stress and enhance animal welfare, to improve refinement.