Association of Inhalation Toxicologists

October 26-27 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark

5 reasons to visit our booth at AITox 2017

Inhalation studies can be complex and costly. Inhalation toxicologists, Aerosol Engineers and Life Science Researchers must draw on multiple levels of expertise, including aerosol sciences, fluid mechanics, control theory, sampling methodology and lung physiology to acquire meaningful data.

emka TECHNOLOGIES and its subsidiary SCIREQ have been involved in respiratory research for more than 25 years, helping scientist with in vivo exposure, respiratory monitoring, and lung function assessment.

Here are five ways in which we can help you navigate through these scientific and engineering challenges to improve your inhalation studies:

  1. Monitor breathing parameters and accumulated volume during exposure inhalation studies in rodents and large animals
  2. Assess the impact of a drug/toxin on lung function via the flexiVent
  3. Minimize test article during pilot studies with the inExpose
  4. Improve your acclimation process with our nose-only SoftRestraints
  5. Generate complex computer-controlled test atmospheres consisting of allergens, smoke or toxicological mixtures

Come meet us at booth #2 – We look forward to meeting you in beautiful Copenhagen.

Visit the event website.

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