Seizure & epilepsy

Seizure is a disorder of the nervous system, thought to be the result of faulty electrical activity in the brain.


Epilepsy studies involve epilepsy seizure detection from EEG traces, but other parameters can be of interest, such as ECG, EMG, activity or sleep scoring.

Indeed, for instance, researches have been suggesting that SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) could occur preferentially during sleep. Therefore, combining epilepsy and sleep analysis, through a unique analysis software, is a crucial advantage.

Video monitoring, combined with biopotentials acquisition, is also recommended, to identify and characterize movements and give insight to seizure development. EEG and synchronized video acquisition help to identify motor and non-motor seizures or behavioral artifacts.

Biopotential and video acquisition

EEG along with EMG, ECG and/or 3-axis acceleration and synchronized video, can be captured by:


ECG and EEG traces are analyzed in ecgAUTO software.

From the EEG signal, the epilepsy module automatically detects epileptic seizures, combining multiple user adjusted criteria and logical modes:

  • All detected seizures are logged in a table
  • Invalid seizures can be deleted
  • Undetected seizures can be created
  • Valid seizures can be exported to text or xls files

The throughout automated sleep scoring module differentiates between four sleep stages and calculates global sleep scores.

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