American Thoracic Society

May 18-23, 2018
San Diego,  California – USA
Booth #1535

Join us at the 114th American Thoracic Society conference in San Diego and learn more about our solutions for respiratory studies:

  • Lung function measurements with flexiVent. We are very much looking forward to the conference this year, especially with so many interesting flexiVent poster sessions, including:

»  A1423 / P953 – Preclinical Experiments Support Recent Clinical Switch to Delivered Dose During Methacholine Bronchoprovocation Testing – O. Schmid, W. Moeller, A. Stelzl, J. Lund, A. O. Yildirim, S. Krauss-Etschmann, A. Robichaud

»  A5035 / P1420 – A Ventilation Strategy to Target Blocked Regions of a Symmetric Lung Structure During Aerosolized Particle Delivery – A. H. Sonnenberg, E. Taylor, M. Grinstaff, B. Suki

»  A5801 / P51 – Relationship Between Allergen Challenge, Lung Inflammation and Lung Dysfunction in Murine Models of Asthma – S. Basu, C. Pascoe, A. Jha, J. Schwartz, A. J. Halayko

During SCIREQ annual breakfast event at ATS on Monday, May 21st, Dr. Otmar Schmid (Helmholtz Zentrum, Germany) will discuss his “off-label” use of the flexiVent for the delivery of inhaled compounds. By optimizing the ventilation profiles and nebulizer settings, Dr. Schmid and Dr. Annette Robichaud obtained significant improvements in aerosol deposition rates, as well as homogenous deposition profiles.

The technique developed by Dr.Schmid could be useful in studies for optimized inhaled drug delivery using the flexiVent. If you are interested, please feel free to join us by registering here.

Visit the ATS website.

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