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usbACQ & usbAMP amplifier
iox - signals from studies with tissue-baths
iox - respiration signal and video
iox - cardiovascular signals
USB acquisition and amplification system

Plug-&-play data acquisition and amplification solution for any budget! 

usbACQ and usbAMP are designed for direct USB link to computer running emka TECHNOLOGIES' iox2 acquisition software in a Microsoft® Windows® XP or 7 environment:

 well suited for a large variety of preclinical experiments: Can be used with isometric transducers for tissue contraction studies, blood pressure transducers, differential air pressure transducers, multi-lead ECG, EEG, EMG, … 
 ideal for small to medium size setups
 adapted to swap between several computers (incl. laptops)
 no external settings: all changes in settings are software driven and fully logged



usbACQ is designed to acquire any amplified analog signals.

usbAMP is designed to acquire and amplify: 

 biopotential signals (multi-lead or single lead ECG)
 signals from strain gauge transducer (force, pressure...)

Up to 4 USB devices of any type can be linked together on 1 computer running iox2 software.


Key features

  •  sampling frequency: 2 KHz
  •  bus protocol: usb 2.0
  •  TTL bus: 8 digital outputs (I/O) to drive external devices
  •  timer: output TTL signal to trigger stimulator: 0,1 Hz to 1 KHz
  •  gain: from 8 to 200 depending on transducer model
  •  OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP or 7
  • • designed to be used with iox2 software

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