Signal acquisition & amplification devices

Physiological signals need to be digitized, and sometimes also amplified, before being acquired by iox2 software. For this purpose, we offer a range of device well suited for a large variety of preclinical experiments:

  • usbACQ, designed to acquire amplified analog signals.
  • usbAMP, designed to acquire and amplify biopotential signals (multi-lead or single lead ECG) and signals from strain gauge transducer (force, pressure…)
  • easyMATRIX, used to read signal from animals equipped with telemetry implants (emka easyTEL and DSI implants, including recent HD models*).

*This product is produced and sold under the sole responsibility of emka TECHNOLOGIES, without the participation of DSI





Easy to use


Which device for my system?

1- Analog signal already amplified:
The usbACQ device is used to interface between the transducer and the acquisition computer. It acts as an analog-to-digital converter.

2- Biopotential electrodes (multi-lead or single lead ECG, EEG, EMG) and strain gauge transducers (force, pressure…):
They need to be amplified before digitization. In this case, the usbAMP device is used for direct USB link to computer running emka TECHNOLOGIES’ iox2 acquisition software.

3- Telemetry system:
Signal acquired is radio transmitted to a receiver. For large animals equipped with non-invasive emkaPACK4G telemetry or implanted easyTEL+ and for rodents equipped with rodentPACK, the signal is already digitized by the transmitter. Therefore, when received by the telemetry receiver, it can be directly sent to the acquisition computer, via Ethernet.

For rodents equipped with easyTEL implants or for subjects equipped with DSI implants*, the conversion is done through the easyMATRIX device, placed between the receiver and the computer.

easyMATRIX simply connects to your existing telemetry receivers and to your computer through USB port or Ethernet. Therefore, an add-on A/D acquisition card is not required.

As it records fully calibrated data from DSI implant with iox2 software, OpenART is not required either.

As it contains its own ambient pressure transducer, no need of an external ambient pressure reference monitor.

To make your system as integrated as possible, a single easyMATRIX:

  • Connects up to 16 telemetry receivers and 8 analog signals
  • Manages 1 to 4 telemetry receivers per implant

Up to 4 easyMATRIX connect to a single computer.

*This product is produced and sold under the sole responsibility of emka TECHNOLOGIES, without the participation of DSI

Combining telemetry & analog inputs

The easyMATRIX3 model is able to read and synchronize telemetry inputs and analog inputs (analog signal from differential pressure transducer is also amplified, for plethysmography).

A perfect synchronization between telemetry implants and analog signals allows combining, for instance, pleural pressure from implant and respiratory flow from head-out plethysmography for precise resistance & compliance measurement.





Data analysis

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