easyTEL implants for rodents

easyTEL implantable telemetry system transmits physiological data from conscious freely moving small and medium subjects weighing 20 g or more, housed in a cage (ideal for mouse, rats, guinea pigs).

Our range of implants offers the ability to record the following parameters, depending on your study needs:

  • Biopotential (ECG, EEG, EMG)
  • Respiratory rate (derived from diaphragmatic EMG)
  • Temperature
  • Activity from acceleration



Synchronizes with other signals

Easy to operate


Why choose telemetry technology?

Wireless technology has made possible the ability to reliably transfer high volumes of data from a freely moving animal. Advantages associated with this technique are obvious and well known: longer and better quality data obtained from less stressed subjects.

Choosing easyTEL system means opting for a reliable system coupled with a cost-effective infrastructure:

  • No refurbishment and no associated costs or delays
  • Implant can be re-implanted as long as battery lasts
Our range of implants

easyTEL-S range of implants is designed for small subjects weighing 20g or more (ideal for mice).
easyTEL-M range of implants, designed for medium subjects weighing 150g or more, is ideal for rats and guinea-pigs.

System Configuration

Each implanted subject is single-housed in a plastic cage (typically 42x42x18cm). One easyTEL receiver is placed under each cage and collects signals from the implant.

easyMATRIX receives signal from up to 16 receivers and connects to the computer running iox2 acquisition software, via Ethernet.

easyTEL system runs with iox2 software for signal acquisition and real time analysis. In-depth ECG and EEG analysis is performed by ecgAUTO software.





Data analysis

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