easyTEL+ implants for large animals

easyTEL implantable system transmits physiological data from conscious freely moving large animals such as dogs or primates.

Our range of digital implants is intended for use in preclinical research (primarily toxicology, phar­macology and safety pharmacology studies) and biodefense.

Different models are available to meet your different study needs and provide:

  • Biopotential (ECG, EEG, EMG)
  • Blood pressure (arterial and/or Left Ventricular Pressure)
  • Temperature
  • Acceleration from 3-axis accelerometer (activity)




Complete end-to-end solution


Allows group housing


Quality of Service (QoS) signal


System Configuration

With easyTEL+ telemetry system for large animals, physiological measurements are captured by a transmitter surgically implanted and radio-transmitted to a receiver.

Digital receivers are positioned in the animals’ room, within 3 to 5 meters distance from their associated implants. Each subject is therefore free to move, single or group-housed in its room, during the acquisition (max. 32 subjects per room).

The whole system is compact, as a single receiver can communicate with up to 4 transmitters, and is powered and transmits data through a single Ethernet cable.

Why choose telemetry technology?

Wireless technology has made possible the ability to reliably transfer high volumes of data from a freely moving animal. Advantages associated with this technique is obvious and well known: longer and better quality data obtained from less stressed subjects.

Choosing easyTEL+ system means opting for a reliable system coupled with a cost-effective infrastructure:

  • Reliable data through digital radio transmission, to ensure impossible data cross-talk
  • Up to 500 days of continuous transmission on same batteries (battery life can be improved by configuring implant power)
  • No refurbishment and no associated costs or delays
  • Implant can be re-implanted as long as battery lasts

Our PT implants can be combined with emkaPACK4G, for implanted pressure and temperature and non-invasive ECG and respiration recordings.

Data acquisition & analysis

easyTEL+ system exclusively runs with iox2 software for acquisition and real time analysis of:

  • Biopotentials (Full ECG Heart-rate, EEG, EMG)
  • Blood pressure
  • Onset of fever from temperature
  • Activity from acceleration

In-depth ECG and EEG analysis is performed by ecgAUTO software.





Data analysis

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