ecgAUTO, post-processing software

ecgAUTO post-processing software allows fast analysis of cardiovascular, pulmonary (lung volume) and neurological data, with full user control.

It reads files produced by iox2 software (data and synchronized video files) and non emka data file formats, including DSI™ telemetry data files.

GLP modules can be added to provide full GLP compliance.

With ecgAUTO software, it only takes a few minutes to analyze 24hr of dog ECG recording!


Powerful analysis

Fast analysis

GLP compliant


In-depth ECG analysis

In-depth ECG analysis is at the heart of ecgAUTO software. Using the pioneering shape recognition techniques, ecgAUTO is able to analyze normal or abnormal ECG morphology, from any species and any lead.

The shape recognition technique requires a library of reference waveforms, built and edited by the user. Specific libraries can be built for different species or leads, which make the strength of this technique.

A range of purpose-built modules can be added for specific analysis of:

  • Heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Ventricular arrhythmias and conduction abnormalities detection: perform a concurrent interval and arrhythmia analysis, eliminating the need for multiple analyses of a single data file.
  • Isolated P waves detection: helps to identify atrioventricular block. These features dramatically decrease the amount of time spent overreading data.
Respiration analysis

Lung volume acquired in iox2 software from large animals with emkaPACK4G telemetry is analyzed with ecgAUTO RIP module (Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography).
After a straightforward and rapid calibration, the following parameters are produced by the RIP analyzer:

  • Duration of breath
  • Duration of inspiration/expiration
  • Breathing rate
  • Inspired/expired volume
  • Minute volume
  • Max flow during inspiration/expiration
  • When 2 belts used: thorax-abdomen shift – time or angle
Cardiovascular data

ecgAUTO software manages cardiovascular data analysis: blood pressure/flow, LVP, NIBP, MAP.

Non-invasive blood pressure, acquired in iox2 software with emkaPACK4G telemetry is analyzed with ecgAUTO NIBP module.

NIBP module not only provides parameters values (systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure, amplitude, heart rate) but also shows how data where analyzed, through a detailed panel. This panel allows you to understand your results and, if necessary, to manually invalidate some irrelevant data points.

EEG analysis

EEG signal acquired in iox2 software can be analyzed with the EEG module, within ecgAUTO software. It allows scientist to easily:

Integrated video capabilities facilitate behavioral observations without the confounding effects of investigator interaction. Our secured video data is embedded in our data files and can be linked with other physiological signals, allowing the scientist to click on a change in a physiological parameter and observe the associated behavior. The system features adjustable image resolution, and infrared recording for nighttime observations.





Data analysis

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