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The new generation of data acquisition

Our new matrix3 is launched and provides you more flexibility.

Association of Inhalation Toxicologists

October 26-27 2017 Copenhagen, Denmark Booth#2

American College of Toxicology

November 5 – 8, 2017 Palm Springs, California, USA Booth #216

Solid-tip electrode for noise-free ECG

emka TECHNOLOGIES is now providing the option for solid-tip electrode for stable and noise-free ECG.

American Heart Association

November 11-15, 2017 Anaheim, CA, USA Booth #1401

Society for Neuroscience’s Annual Meeting

November 11-15, 2017 Washington, DC, USA Booth #2002

Ingénieur Support Technique et Validation Logicielle F/H

Basé(e) à Paris, vous serez en charge du support technique et de la validation de nos logiciels.

Ingénieur technico-commercial F/H

Basé(e) à Paris, vous développerez l'activité en France et à l'export.

Academy of Surgical Research Meeting

October 4-,6 2017 Las Vegas, NV, USA

Society for Laboratory Animal Science

September 11 – 13, 2017 Cologne, GERMANY Booth # A.29

Identify, Evaluate, Investigate
Pushing the Boundaries of ICH S7A Beyond QT and Advanced Seizure Detection

Pushing the Boundaries of ICH S7A Beyond QT and Advanced Seizure Detection September 25, 2017 -  Berlin, Germany

European Respiratory Society

September 9 – 13, 2017 Milan, ITALY Booth #J.12

Federation of European Physiological Societies

September 13-15, 2017 Booth #2 Vienna, Austria      

Conference for Technology & AnaLysis of Seizures

August 20 -23, 2017 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

International symposium sleep & breathing

July 17 -19, 2017 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Japanese Society of Toxicology

July 10 -12 Yokoama - Japan Booth#112