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nibpSNAPSHOT: noninvasive ecg and blood pressure
nibpSNAPSHOT: noninvasive ecg and blood pressure

ecg and nibp: 1 device, 2 measurements 

nibpSNAPSHOT non-invasively measures oscillometric blood pressure and 7-lead ecg (6 standard leads, 1 chest lead) separately or concurrently in restrained dogs and primates during toxicology studies. 

Unlike other "black box" systems, nibpSNAPSHOT allows immediate review of waveforms and their analysis. The user also has the ability to immediately trigger another measurement cycle or adjust inflation pressure and deflation speed. 


key features

• measure blood pressure and/or ecg
• self-contained, hand-held measuring device
• direct link to PC through USB connection: no need for separate power supply
• sampling frequency: 1000Hz
• input pressure range: 0 to 300 mmHg
• user-adjustable measurement cycle (inflation and end-cycle pressure; 3 deflation speeds)
• cuffs available in different sizes to adapt subject type and size 
• support for third-party cuffs

reliable nibp, not a "black box" !

• place the cuff around the limb and start the inflation/deflation cycle
• immediately see both the signal, and results to assess their quality
• if needed, immediately trigger another measurement cycle
• if necessary, adjust inflation pressure and deflation speed

ready to use in seconds, all you need is...

• a computer with iox SNAPSHOT software (Windows® XP or Seven)
• nibpSNAPSHOT connected to computer by standard USB cable
• inflatable cuff and ecg cables connected to nibpSNAPSHOT

complete results in a glp environment

• mean, systolic and diastolic blood pressure
• heart rate, pulse transit time (when ecg is recorded)
• nibpSNAPSHOT records pressure signal and/or up to 7-lead ecg in iox format data files
• in depth, further nibp & ecg analysis with ecgAUTO software


nibpSNAPSHOT is glp compliant, fully compatible with emka TECHNOLOGIES' software suite and provides a seamless complement to emkaPACK noninvasive telemetry.

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