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non-invasive blood pressure from mice and rats
non-invasive blood pressure from mice and rats

For the study of 2/4/6/8 mice or rats weighing from 10g to 950g  

Perform single or multiple simultaneous measurements non-invasively from the tail cuff of the animal. 

The volume-pressure recording technology used in the sensors is clinically validated and provides virtually 100% correlation with direct blood pressure measurements. 

The systems are supplied as complete acquisition systems, including hardware controllers, restrainers, cuffs and software. Onsite training is available at your facility. 

CODA electronics incorporate proprietary signal processing technology to detect the weakest blood pressure reading. No post-processing or signal filtering is required. 

Six blood pressure parameters are acquired: 

• systolic blood pressure
• diastolic blood pressure * 
• mean blood pressure
• heart rate
• blood flow
• blood volume

* unlike certain other NIBP systems, diastolic blood pressure is actually measured rather than calculated

Minjie Feng1, Steven Whitesall2, Yunyu Zhang3, Martin Beibel4, Louis D’Alecy2, and Keith DiPetrillo1, Validation of Volume-Pressure Recording Tail Cuff Blood Pressure Measurements (178.73 Ko), American Journal of Hypertension., 1 Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research & Novartis Pharmaceutical Company, East Hanover, NJ 07936 - 2 Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 - 3 Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Cambridge, MA 02139 - 4 Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, Switzerland, 2008 


the system

The CODA™ system includes:

• controller with automatic inflation/deflation feature
• data acquisition software with automatic blood pressure measurements
• custom platform including an animal holder
• a specially designed pump to rapidly and automatically coordinate the occlusion cuff inflation and deflation cycles with the blood pressure signal acquisition.

4 models are available:

• CODA™ 2 system:  for the study of one or two animals.
•  CODA™ 4 system:  for the study of four animals (if required, the system software can be configured for the acquisition of up to 8 animals).
•  CODA™ 6 system:  for the study of up to six animals (if required, the system software can be configured for the acquisition of up to 8 animals).
•  CODA™ 8 system:  for the study of up to 8 animals.  


The supplied software allows real-time monitoring of all parameters from all subjects.  It can simultaneously acquire measurements from 48 animals (six CODA 8 systems). 

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