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iox2 is a versatile and comprehensive software package for data acquisition and processing, specifically adapted to meet the needs of pharmacology and toxicology studies.

iox2 enables researchers to acquire, analyze, view, and store data generated during an experiment.

At the heart of iox2 is a library of application-specific analysis modules for real-time signal processing. All modules are derived from algorithms widely accepted and validated by the life science research community.

Each analysis module produces a list of predefined parameters. In addition, custom parameters are available to meet the specific needs of researchers.

Main features

  •  up to 200 independent channels
  •  10 to 50,000 samples / second for each input
  •  record of DSI telemetry implant, including recent HD models, through easyMATRIX
  •  flexible real-time display: signals, trends, loops
  •  protocols to guide the experiment and automate tasks and external devices
  •  external device control
  •  data tables, event logbook
    •  synchronized video recording and review
  •  real-time review of signal with calculated markers and derived parameters
  • • specific analyzers  for real time processing of cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurologic, electrophysiology, slow and rhythmic signals

  • iox2 is compliant with GLP guidelines & 21 cfr part 11.

  • ioxdata files load into :
    •  emka TECHNOLOGIES’ datanalyst post-processing
    •  emka TECHNOLOGIES’ ecgAUTO ECG analysis module
    •  emka TECHNOLOGIES’ studyDESIGNER ECG analysis module
    •  Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access…

ioxis compatible with DSI implantable telemetry :

  •  acquire data from DSI™ PhysioTel HD implants, through easyMATRIX
  •  acquire data from DSI PhysioTel™ Digital and HD implants with DSI Link2, a software dynamic link between iox2 software and DSI hardware (TRX, CLC, C12V, APR, MX2).


10 compelling reasons to use iox2

1 - iox2: a reference for acquisition and real-time analysis

Many customers have been using our systems for over 20 years. Many users, from competitors' systems, have switched to emka TECHNOLOGIES after in-depth comparative test of iox prior to purchasing.

2- iox2 is easy to use & suited for routine use by lab technicians

iox2 can be operated in different modes, depending on user profile. Expert users have access to all functionalities, while standard users have fewer options. Limited access can be set up for part-time users, allowing certain users to load a file, analyze data, view the results and save. They cannot see or alter settings, nor edit or mishandle the system.

3- iox2 is multi-purpose and adapts to your needs

iox2 is suited for cardiovascular, ECG, pulmonary, electrophysiology, in vitro and many other applications. It can easily become a standard for all the applications in your lab.

4- iox2 is universal

iox2 can receive data from your existing hardware or from emka TECHNOLOGIES' systems (usb amplifiers, external telemetry, ethernet). iox2 can also receive data from flowmeters and DSI™ implants. Video recordings can also be associated!

5- iox2 adapts to your data source, connects to your LIMS

emka TECHNOLOGIES can directly transfer flow of data to your LIMS. Our team has the experienced experts able to build whatever link is needed between two systems!

6- iox2 provides real-time acquisition and analysis

Powerful tools are available for real-time analysis, letting you view and adjust analysis parameter on a beat by beat basis.

7- Customers continuously improve iox2

emka TECHNOLOGIES provides added functionalities as suggested or required by its users. We know this is what you expect and is our proven way to success. Expect added functionalities in the months to come!

8- iox2 can be tested

We are eager to organize software loans, where a potential buyer can test run the software, after receiving initial training from emka TECHNOLOGIES. This is the best opportunity for us to convince you of how good iox2 is, and to identify what is needed to make it even better.

9- iox2 takes you to 21 cfr part 11 compliance

We produce single files per subject which not only contain the raw data and the calculated data points, but also the complete copy of all settings, calibration values, etc. This is a major advantage when having to comply with 21 cfr part 11. usersMANAGEMENT, studyMANAGEMENT, auditSERVER and eSIGN modules are also there to provide full GLP compliance.

10- There are many ways to validate iox2

emka TECHNOLOGIES offers a range of validation services, from generic test scripts as models to build validation documents to full on-site validation where emka TECHNOLOGIES writes all the documents tailored to custommers specific requirements, then assists customer personnel in running the tests. iox2 has already been validated by a over 30 different industry users. Many more are currently in the process of validation.


Further reading

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