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Star Oddi - microRF logger
Star Oddi - DST product family
Data loggers

emka TECHNOLOGIES distributes Star-Oddi small data logger.

The loggers are implantable recorders, also called DST (data storage tags) that offer continuous measurements throughout the research period and store the data in their internal memory.

The same logger can be reused as long as the battery lasts.

All measurements are in real time and can be accessed after the logger has been retrieved.

Key benefits

· Small size, weigh only 1 or 3.3 grams
· Reliable and accurate temperature measurements, stress-free on the animal
· Simple and cost effective - allows group housing, reusable, surgery minimally invasive
· Save temperature in memory as often as once per second


Product family

The DST product family features four different sizes: centi, milli, micro and nano.

The DST loggers vary in size, memory size, battery life and sensors, to measure: 

· Temperature
· Other parameters studied in aquatic environments (Depth, salinity, tilt, compass)

For temperature measurement: 

DST micro-T is ideal for rats, ferrets or other medium sized research animals. The size is 8.3mmx25.4mm and it weighs only 3.3g. It can store up to 43,000 measurements and the battery lasts 18 months.  

DST nano-T is ideal for mice and other small research animals. The size is 6mmx17mm and weighs just 1g. It can store up to 5248 measurements and the battery lasts 9 months.

DST micro-T also exists in telemetry version

When the logger is recovered after the measuring period, recorded data is imported in the supporting SeaStar software where it can be viewed and analyzed in graphic and tabular form.

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