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Low-noise EEG telemetry 

We are pleased to introduce the rodentPACK2 : our head-mounted biopotential telemetry system for rodents. 

The rodentPACK2 transmits data via radiotelemetry, offering a well-tolerated, humane alternative to tethered eeg. Direct inputs from the device to cortical and deep brain regions provide a high signal-to-noise ratio, facilitating the detection of EEG events.

Each rodentPACK2 provides 4 biopotentials inputs (EEG, ECG, EMG), temperature and 3-axis acceleration.

Further, these biopotential inputs can be externalized in a jacketed noninvasive telemetry system for rodents. 

Central nervous system, EEG and sleep scoring software

emka TECHNOLOGIES’ software  is ideal for CNS studies. The software allows the scientist to easily differentiate between the four sleep stages, calculate global sleep scores, and produce FFT power spectrums. Optional video for confirmation of sleep score and classification of seizure types is also available. 

Neurobehavioral Observations

Let emka TECHNOLOGIES’ integrated video capabilities facilitate behavioral observations without the confounding effects of investigator interaction. Our secured video data is embedded in our data files and can be linked with other physiological signals, allowing the scientist to click on a change in a physiological parameter and observe the associated behavior. The system features adjustable image resolution, and infrared recording for nighttime observations. 

Food intake monitoring

Food intake is an important endpoint in safety and toxicology studies. Our software can acquire and process data simultaneously from up to 32 rodent cages.  The system features investigator-defined measurement periods and automated results tables and trend graphs for each animal.


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rodentPACK2 transmitter
rodentPACK2 transmitter
sleep scoring analysis with ecgAUTO software
sleep scoring analysis with ecgAUTO software

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